Laws of Managing a Cleaning or Restoration Company

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Laws of Managing a Cleaning and Restoration Company or any company!

Many in the cleaning and restoration business have employees. If you have employees you are a manager. Many managers learn to manage. Many don’t. The ones who don’t learn to manage deal with the same issues, over and over, day after day. Often, it’s blamed on employees. They may decide to go back to being an owner / operator. This limits growth. You may not even be able to take  vacation or a sick day.

It took me years to understand that my company would never be better than my ability to lead and manage. As I improved, so did my company.

Some say management is easy. Some say it depends on your personality. But there is much about managing that is more than personality. It can, sometimes, require the wisdom of Solomon. How does a manager acquire that wisdom?

Generally, great managers got that way through time and a great deal of study.

I found being a tech easier than being a manager. I thoroughly enjoyed both.

NOTE: One of the most important things I had to learn, while managing my cleaning and restoration company, was managing myself, so I could manage others.

Following, are a few laws of management for a cleaning and restoration company, that when followed, can improve your effectiveness dramatically.

These are certainly not the answer to all problems and not in any particular order.

  1. Be the person you want your employees to be. They will imitate you.
  2. If you want behavior repeated, praise it. If you ignore good behavior, it will disappear.
  3. Follow your own rules.
  4. Inspect your employees work – show up, unannounced.
  5. Show them. They may not see what you are thinking. Next, have them show you what you just showed them. Show them again.
  6. Be consistent. If 5 minutes late was punishable yesterday, it’s also punishable today. If 5 minutes late was OK yesterday, why would they expect it to be any different today?
  7. Give yourself and your people written procedures to follow. Guidelines make you and your employees consistent. Managers and  employees need consistency and structure.
  8. Apply your guidelines equally to all. This makes you fair.
  9. Give your people as much education as you can. The more they know, the more they can help you. NEVER be afraid that an employee will know more than you. That’s a good thing!If no one in the company is smarter than you, the ceiling is set at your level for every skill required. The best managers would prefer only people that know more than they do.
  10. MAKE THEM FEEL IMPORTANT. Give value to what they do and say. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”  Maya Angelou
  11. Enforce rules! Humans respect discipline. We don’t particularly care for being disciplined, sometimes, but we respect those who care enough to make us do right.
  12. Develop volunteers. People who see why they should do it, because you have shown them the benefits. If you “handle” every detail of your employees day, you are working too hard.
  13. Spend time investigating the people you hire. Hire someone with the values you need. We hire too many bad employees because of lack of effort in hiring. You cannot give someone qualities that Mom and Dad never gave them. You don’t have the time or the skill.
  14. Be honest, with yourself.
  15. Be honest, with your people.

Study laws of management and leadership. It’s not just cleaning and restoration!

Dennis Klager

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