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Have you considered mattress cleaning as an add-on service while in the home cleaning carpets? If you look into this diversification, you will find out that cleaning mattresses for the purpose of removing allergens such as dust mites and their droppings can be a very lucrative market. Allergy suffers will pay well to have the triggers for allergy and asthma removed from an area so close to where their faces will be for about 1/3 of every day.  Because everyone sheds skins cells all night long, their will soon be more food to attract dust mites and after several months they will need the mattress cleaning service again.

The potential drawback is finding folks who have these allergies and then marketing your services as a better solution than other methods they have tried for dealing with the discomfort. To summarize my experience, these clients pay well, are regular repeat customers but are difficult to find. The business will build very slowly.

Another group of mattress cleaning customers seemed to locate our services without any real marketing effort. These folks had stains or odors in the mattresses they wanted to remove. Like other aspects of cleaning, they could be great customers if you set the proper expectations. Many mattress stains will not be entirely removed, but the appearance may be improved. What you can offer is a mattress that is sanitary and an end to unpleasant odors.

Fire damage restoration cleaners will also find that many residential fires include some soot or odor in the mattresses even if the source of the fire was in the kitchen or some other spot distant from the bedroom. People will notice odors on a surface when their nose is only a few inches away.

MATTRESS SANITIZING – A mattress that has been stained with any liquid including urine will general still exhibit a ring or water mark after cleaning. This is due to removing some of the sizing on the new mattress ticking.

The mattress can be cleaned using portable cleaner with upholstery cleaning attachment. Use any upholstery cleaning product and rinse. Avenge Fabric Prespray with Avenge Clean Rinse would be good. If there are any issues of sensitivity to chemicals or allergies, use Masterblend’s Responsible Care Anti-allergen Prespray and Anti-allergen Rinse.

Vacuum before cleaning. If allergies are a concern – Lean across the width of the mattress and make cleaning strokes from the far side toward the center. Repeat from the opposite side. This assures no contaminants such as dust mites or their feces are pulled off the side and onto the carpet but instead get extracted.

To prevent new water marks – evenly mist the entire side of the mattress with your prespray. Clean evenly and dry evenly. Water marks can appear where there is a change from a wet or damp part of the mattress and a dry portion of the mattress. An even level of moisture across the entire surface avoids these interfaces between dry fabric and wet fabric.

Use of an upholstery tool that pulls the fabric into the vacuum chamber and pushes the cleaning solution through the fabric but not down into the mattress stuffing cleans thoroughly and dries faster. The Hydrokinetic upholstery tool does just that. Click here to see how it works.

Use the hottest water available. Hotter water will dry faster and helps makes the surface more sanitary. Cleaning will provide a sanitary surface to the mattress. (Don’t make claims to disinfect or to sanitize mattresses or any fabric. Most disinfectants and sanitizers are not labeled and tested to verify such claims.)

Another concern will be urine that has penetrated the surface (ticking) layer and gotten into foam or padding. Extraction of the surface simply can not clean this area that it can not reach. Urine remaining in these interior layers will still have an odor and will eventually wick its way up to the surface and recontaminate the outer layer. There are two ways to deal with the urine deeper inside the mattress. Either of these steps should be done before cleaning.

Option 1)  Mix Hydrocide at 4 oz. per gallon of water.  For light depsoits, that is all you will need. For moderate or heavy saturation, add several ounces of Bio-Charge  to this solution. Saturate the area that was wet with urine with the Hydrocide mixture. The goal is for the mixture to reach everywhere the urine did. To be sure all areas are reached may require a significant amount of solution and drying time will be slow.

Use a Water Claw Spot Claw tool and your body weight to extract as much of the solution as possible. Use air movement across the surface to accelerate drying. The addition of heat will also facility drying.

Option 2) Using a hypodermic syringe, inject Bio-Charge diluted 1:4 through the mattress ticking into all areas that might be contaminated with urine. Each injection should be 1 to 2 oz. An injection of Bio-Charge will spread about one inch in every direction up/down, side to side, end to end. Space injections so that all affected areas are treated.

Allow as much dwell time as possible before cleaning. Twenty minutes minimum. For maximum effectiveness, make the injections several hours or even a day before cleaning.

Bio-Charge solutions works faster if heated to 110 to 115 degrees before injecting. Mixing with hot water helps reach the goal but the water should not be too hot or it will adversely effect the bio-enzyme combination.

SOOT REMOVAL – When the goal is soot removal or deodorization, handle the mattress only when wearing disposable gloves. Moisture and oils from your hands can make soot harder to remove.

Vacuum with a soft brush and / or use a soot removal Dry Cleaning Sponge to remove as much soot as possible while dry. If it is necessary to wet clean, I suggest using Fabric Shampoo as a foam and brushing it in, allow it to dry and then vacuum off. Another alternative is to clean the affected area with Encapuclean Green DS.

A light mist of Hydrocide following cleaning should deal with remaining odors if they are light. For more pronounced odors, use VaporTek SOS (Smoke Odor Solution) cartridges or membranes.

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Jan 5, 2013
6:08 pm
#1 RichardH :

This is a technique that I’ve tried in the past to saturate urine deposits in a mattress. I apply my enzyme and then put the mattress in a mattress bag (you can buy them at the hardware store.) Then I use my truckmount suck all of the air out of the bag, drawing the solution into the mattress. While not as precise as a syringe it is effective at getting your solution where it needs to be.

Jan 7, 2013
4:27 pm
#2 Scott :

That is a good process, Richard, especially if a large volume of urine is involved. When treating smaller areas, the hypodermic syringe is considerably quicker.
Scott Warrington

Jan 16, 2013
10:15 am
#3 marry0436 :

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Jan 22, 2013
10:18 am
#4 johnsmith99 :

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Apr 2, 2013
8:04 am
#5 kenydisuja :

It is very difficult to remove stains from carpets and mattress, but it is a very important thing to clean carpets and mattress because they give a good look to our home as well give us healthy and fresh feeling. Many kinds of germs are available in dirty mattress so proper cleaning is very important.
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