Concrete isn’t just concrete anymore

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A funny thing happened while we were watching the evolution of floor care coverings. Certainly, stone and ceramic tile continued to gain market share in both the residential and commercial markets. Wood floors, whether they be laminate, engineered, solid or even bamboo are getting lots of press. Area rugs and investment textiles were growing like gang-busters being put down over all the new hard floors. No one was really paying attention to concrete. No one that is, but a huge portion of the commercial marketplace; and even a growing segment of the residential marketplace. Your first reaction to this may be one of disdain. There is no money for you to make in cleaning concrete floors. This has to be bad for business, you say. Not so fast, my friend.

From the Concrete Network:

It has become the new material of choice for designers and homeowners across the United States. Concrete floors in stained, colored, painted, and personalized glory are popping up in retail stores, trendy restaurants, offices, and homes everywhere. Staining concrete floors offers numerous options for interior rooms including nearly limitless designs, colors, and even health benefits.

One of the most common places you’ll see decorative concrete these days is under your feet. Whether it’s acid-stained, painted, overlays, microtoppings, radiant floors, or a unique personal floor, concrete floors offer a range unlike any other material. Concrete flooring, sometimes referred to as cement flooring, no longer has to be gray and boring. Now coloring concrete, or applying textures, patterns, saw cuts, etc., can bring new life to this traditional substrate. Concrete can be so uniquely designed or so naturally colored that it blends seamlessly with other elements in a room–oftentimes, you don’t even realize it’s a concrete floor you’re standing on!

So then, what does this have to do with you? Can’t you just sweep up and mop concrete? The answer, just like it has turned out to be with ceramic and stone floors is, “not if you want it look very good.” Concrete does need some professional maintenance. With its porous nature and uneven surface, you quickly find out that soil and oil can build up in the cracks and crevices rapidly. A discussion of cleaning concrete does not even begin to go into the lucrative world of polishing, densifying, and re-polishing concrete floors. We will get to those over the coming months at Cleanwiki.

What we’d like you to focus on right now is this simple fact – there is nothing more effective, nor as fast at deep cleaning concrete flooring, as an SX-12 (or the amazing coming soon SX-15) Rotary Hard Floor Cleaning extraction tool attached to your truck mount or high performance portable extractor. With all this concrete going down everywhere, and fancied up every way you can imagine, a quick simple demo will reveal right before your customer’s eyes just how dirty and filthy their concrete floors have become. Now Hydro-Force has introduced an entirely new chemical – Viper Peroxibright CTG, a cleaning solution specifically formulated to clean and just as importantly brighten concrete, tile and grout floors. How is this solution different than the industry standard  – Viper Venom? Well for one it is activated by the oxygenating power of hydrogen peroxide. This effervescent action allows the cleaning solution to penetrate the porous surfaces of concrete and get down deeper into the cracks and crevices with cleaning power. In addition, the acid nature and peroxide work to brighten dull concrete and grout. Cleaning and brightening are a key to successful concrete cleaning. Watch for more articles at Cleanwiki about the easy and lucrative world of specialized concrete cleaning and maintenance. You don’t have to go any farther than your chic upper end clients new “sustainable” home, or the local department store to know that concrete is something you need to make your clients know you can effectively deep clean and brighten.

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