1 April 2013

Laws of Managing a Cleaning or Restoration Company

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One of the most important things I had to learn, while managing my cleaning and restoration company, was managing myself, so I could manage others. Following, are a few laws of management …

22 March 2013

A Golden Opportunity

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Today I’ll share a success story with you from a cleaning company that is new in the business. Abe and Rachel Kenison of Salt Lake City recently started a part-time cleaning business to supplement their income. Since Abe is just starting into the business he has not had time to learn the standard responses to new ideas:

31 January 2013

Cleaning Microfiber Upholstery

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Microfiber has been an extremely popular upholstery fabric over the last couple of decades. The first microfiber commonly used in upholstery was sold under the brand name “Micro-suede.” Although the name has fooled some cleaners in the past, micro-suede is neither suede nor leather. Exactly what is this fiber and how should we clean it? Most microfiber upholstery is made of polyester or a combination of polyester and …

28 December 2012

Mattress Cleaning, Sanitizing & Stain Removal

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Have you considered mattress cleaning as an add-on service while in the home cleaning carpets? If you look into this diversification, you will find out that removing allergens such as dust mites and their droppings can be a very lucrative market. Allergy suffers will pay well to have the triggers for allergy and asthma removed from an area so close to where their faces will be for about 1/3 of every day. The drawback is finding folks who …

21 December 2012

The Brush Pro Will Change the Way You Clean Carpet

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Recently I inspected a carpet that was installed in the lobby of a commercial building. The complaint was premature wear and color loss. I worked with the carpet and the fiber manufacture as well as the maintenance company to determine …

18 December 2012

What Makes a Company Great?

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Great companies have many things in common. It’s like they’re using the same play book! By looking at these commonalities, we get clear indication of the basics or foundation of a great company. In turn we can work to develop these same qualities in our business. There are a group of Companies in …

5 December 2012

It Takes Six to Stick

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While manning a booth at the Houston Home and Garden Show, for my company, Clean as a Whistle, we asked people walking through, “Have you ever had your carpets cleaned? ” About 30 – 35% said they had. Then we asked, “Who did it?” The large majority could not tell us…… “I don’t remember the name.” was the most common response.

20 November 2012

Black Friday Deals

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“You’ve eaten your turkey, let out a sigh.
Put away the cranberry sauce, and visit Interlink Supply.
No, not the store, with all its congestion.
Interlinksupply.com is where you avoid indigestion.
Online is the place for smoking deals.
Turn on the game and kick up your heels.
It’s the week of Black Friday let the sales …

19 October 2012

Holiday Season Cleaning

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For some folks, the holiday season brings thoughts of shopping, decorations, family gatherings, and of course, big meals. This time of year also brings happy thoughts to those of us in the carpet cleaning industry – the office telephone ringing, a fully booked schedule and positive cash flow. Clients will be scheduling cleaning in preparation for the arrival of relatives and other guests. Those same folks and others will be calling a few weeks later asking for help in cleaning up spots, spills and stains ranging from figgy pudding to alcoholic beverages to pine sap.

1 October 2012

Waste Water Disposal for Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

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Carpet cleaners frequently inquire about how and where they may dump their waste water. This may be out of concern for the environment or simply a desire to avoid fines and other legal problems. A solution …

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